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Dumpsters and containers for construction site accommodation


Working on a large construction site means there are a lot of people who will need accommodation. As construction sites can be uncompromising and dangerous places, good and proper measures should be taken to ensure safety in all areas. After all, helping your workers feel safe gives you the certainty that any project will be done better. When a project is done better your customers are happy, leading to long term relationships with those customers. If your customers are happy, they’ll recommend you to others needing services you provide.

Having a good way to dispose of waste ensures a clutter free, more organized work environment. Having a reliable dumpster company you can call for all your projects ensures you’ll always be able to dispose of your waste. Be it residential or commercial a good waste disposal company will have everything you need.


One of the things that can give you headaches is the question of accommodation. When the bad weather starts causing you troubles, it is vital that construction site workers can have a properly sheltered place. This means they should stay healthy and protected. You have to admit that it can be very hard to find a shelter without leaks, drafts, which is also warm, clean and has the affordable price. Since the workers have to live close to the work, fitting all of these needs is impossible. Or it just looks that way. We’re here to let you know that there’s a solution to any problem when it comes to dumpsters, because you’ve come to the right place.


This particularly is the moment when our company enters. Get ready: we present you our closed-top containers!


Funny thing is that these dumpsters aren’t actually dumpsters. Basically, closed-top ones can be used as areas where your workers could spend their free time. Except for being disinfected and never used for trash, we use special materials and design so they perfectly fit your needs. For example, its height (7 ft.) is perfect for the workers to feel like they’re in their own houses. They can use it for canteens, sleeping cabins, even an office. You, as the project manager, can have the cozy room just for yourself, as we all know leading a whole construction site can be tiresome. Also, these dumpsters are equally adjustable to represent drying rooms or toilets. You can supply them with electricity too. After every rental, we disinfect them so they become as good as new.

Our company also offers discounts depending on a number of dumpsters you want to rent. Just for an example, if you order five dumpsters, you can rent them for the price of three! This calculation also applies to dimensions of roll off dumpsters. If you order a few of largest ones, there’s an option to scale down prices. As our people like to say, the more the merrier!


Depending on the workforce you use for your construction site, we will help you choose between various sizes of rental dumpsters. In case that you actually have a whole different idea, like for example, temporary living in these dumpsters, that doesn’t sound peculiar at all. Maybe you’re a tourist visiting Charlotte for the first time, and you want to experience something completely new? There’s a big chance we might even help you with that.

Overall, if you have any doubts or questions about containers for construction site accommodation, just call us. Our locally based employees will be more than pleased to talk to you.