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Dumpster types and sizes

Published 02/05/2017 in Dumpster Types - 0 Comments

What’s the first thing you should do when you decide about renting a dumpster? Surely, you have to think about size, durability, purpose, and other characteristics. The sizes of roll-off dumpsters are determined by the amount of volume of waste which could be put inside them. We offer you dumpsters for any kind of waste removing jobs. The dimension may vary, 10, 20, 30, or 40 cubic yards. We will try to help you in choosing the rental which fits your needs. Please read the following explanations on each size:

10 yard Dumpster


Dumpster size: 10 yards

Dimensions: 10 feet long by 8 feet wide by 3.5 feet high

Overall volume: 10 cubic yards

If your property isn’t spacious enough for a big dumpster or you just don’t have a lot of waste material, this option will certainly help you. This size is perfect for general house cleanups or waste removal job such as small home remodeling. Even if you just want to get rid of unnecessary stuff in your garage or some other room, you should consider ordering this dumpster.

20 yard Dumpster


Dumpster size: 20 yards

Dimensions: 20 feet long by 8 feet wide by 3.5 feet high

Overall volume: 20 cubic yards

This is probably our most frequently leased dumpster size because of its ideal proportions. It can be used for medium-sized manufacturing projects. This kind of roll off dumpsters is perfect for handling waste from projects in the open or bigger house remodeling jobs. Loading them is as easy as it gets and they are big enough to contain most of the junk.

30 yard Dumpster


Dumpster size: 30 yards

Dimensions: 20 feet long by 8 feet wide by 5.25 feet high

Overall volume: 30 cubic yards

If you think that smaller dumpster just isn’t enough, look into this offer. You should turn to a 30-yard dumpster rental. Comparing to our dumpster prices, the value of this dumpster size is great! Count on us helping you getting the job done on a major construction project by delivering you this big dumpster. This size can hold all common construction waste including concrete, asphalt, metals, drywall, wood, shingles and much more. So, we can haul away different types of waste from almost any job!

40 yard Dumpster


Dumpster size: 40 yards

Dimensions: 20 feet long by 8 feet wide by 7 feet high

Overall volume: 40 cubic yards

Let us tell you something about this monster dumpster. Whether you need it for a large construction site or demolition of the entire house, this is the best option there is. We know that demolitions bring large amounts of heavy debris so we’ll try to help you choose the dumpster which fits all your needs. The fact this monster can hold 40 cubic yards of material (Yes, that’s roughly equivalent to 12 pickup truck loads of debris) gives you the guarantee you’ll get any job done.

Roll-off dumpsters renting in Charlotte Area

Published 02/05/2017 in Dumpster Types - 0 Comments

You already know some basic facts about dumpsters. The most common definition would be that a roll-off dumpster is an open or closed top waste container. We deliver it to your property for removing different types of waste. These dumpsters are designed to be transported by special roll off trucks.

However, if you have never moved from place to place or worked on some big construction projects, you’ve probably never thought about the steps you actually have to take when it comes to dumpster rentals. Normally, this process can take weeks. Bothering with choosing the right service, filling long and boring applications, dealing with angry counter officers or complex procedures…


Fortunately, our company would be more than happy to help you. If you ever find yourself in need of a roll-off container, we are giving you the best options to rent it! All you have to do is call and our employees will do everything else. We guarantee you a satisfying experience. Keep in mind that we rent dumpsters for the citizens from all around the Charlotte area. No matter if you are located in South, North, West or East Charlotte, distance has never been an issue for our company. You should also know that one of the main reasons we even started this business was to increase environmental awareness among people. There are a lot of junkyards all across Charlotte area, so we wanted to find the way to minimize the overall pollution of the city. Since the opening, our company was growing, and also areas of our expertise were expanding. We feel over-satisfied for creating various types of dumpsters, not just for waste removal but for many other purposes too.

So, what exactly are we offering you? The answer is simple. We can provide roll-off dumpster rentals for homeowners, contractors with big projects in the working, or companies which need disposing of their waste. Whether you’re working on a construction site or just remodeling your house, you must be facing with numerous types of debris.


Regarding our special offer, we created dumpsters which may be used for many untypical purposes. As a matter of fact, other than usual types of dumpsters, our offer includes closed-top dumpsters. They represent a completely new concept of design and quality. Beside regular uses for waste, closed-top dumpsters can be specially designed so they could fit your accommodation needs. That means, if you are working on some large construction project, we are offering you dumpsters that can have a toilet, shower rooms, sleeper cabins or whatever you need for your workers. If you have any innovative ideas about how these dumpsters can be used, contact us and we’ll try to find a better solution together.


Prepare Location For Safe Delivery

Published 01/13/2017 in Dumpster Types - 0 Comments

Maybe you aren’t thinking about this, but it is really important to provide a safe approach to a rental company. There might be some obstacles coming in your way, so you need to clear them. Maybe some wires, trees, the dumpster must have a clear space above, at least 25 feet. In some cases, the rental company might need to re position the dumpster, so it needs to have free space for maneuvering.
Think about the size

Many people make mistakes when they need to decide about the dumpster size. They cannot evaluate the amount of the trash they will be disposing of. To make sure, contact the rental company and tell them the nature of your trash. Since they are experts, they will be able to give the appropriate advice. And in the same process, you will save money because you won’t be paying for the bigger size than needed.

Decide what goes into a dumpster

Keep in mind that not everything can go into a dumpster. For some things, you will need to pay extra money, such as electronics and tires because landfills charge extra money for those items. Make an inquiry about these things with your company and ask them about fees. Remember that hazardous materials, batteries and liquids aren’t permitted in the regular dumpsters. And rarely any company take them, you just need to find the safest way to dispose of them.

Reduce your expenses

Local and international companies will always compete for your attention and try to offer you more affordable services. But, keep in mind that local companies are always a better solution because their services are cheaper. Most local companies are family owned, and it is a great deal for them to keep a good reputation and great relationships with the locals and the community.

Be prepared for arrival

It is always a good thing to be prepared and to know where you are going to place your dumpster. The ideal place would be the soft grass. If not, put plywood on concrete or driveway before you place the container. In this way, you will eliminate the cracking or the splitting. Make sure that space around the dumpster is clean to avoid unnecessary delays.

Ask about permits

Many cities and municipalities require special permits on dumpster rental services. If the occasion comes where you need to place a dumpster on the street, you need to be in agreement with local regulations. In most cases, your renting company will be able to tell everything regarding the regulations and permits and give you appropriate advice.