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Food Waste in America (Social Experiment)

New Trend In The World – Eating In a Dumpster

Published 01/15/2017 in Dining Process - 0 Comments

For many people only the thought on dumpsters evokes repulsion. We always connect them with something that is dirty and full of bacteria. And no one will dare to sit in them, no matter how much time it has been disinfected. But, apparently, a new trend has appeared, where people love sitting in dumpsters enjoying food and drinks. It all started two years ago, where visitors needed to sign on the checklist, but now it seems to be a normal thing.

Why such a great appeal

The creator of this idea gave a perfectly reasonable explanation. People love to see something new and interesting, at the same time scary and exciting. This has become a unique experience for every visitor. And instead of spending a fortune on high-class restaurants and enjoying a view from the clouds, they choose a dumpster dining. Some of the visitors said that this was a great experience for him and that he enjoyed greatly in his meal.

The process of the dining

The whole dining lasts about three and a half hours. It first starts with a cocktail hour. Then the host of the event or the owner of the restaurant opens the kitchen and allows the dumpster to be set up for the event. Usually, 16 guests can fit one dumpster. Prior the event, the dumpster company delivers the dumpster on indicated location. Every dumpster is disinfected and appropriately coated. Once a guest enters the dumpster, you will receive a six-course meal. Which is served by three to four people? In the past, these types of events were extremely cheap. The dining cost only $5, and now it goes up to $125.

Variety of food and drinks

Recently, the concept of dumpster dining has changed. Many owners of restaurants and hosts of these events prepare their menus. In some cases, you can have the real life experience, like eating trash food, prepared of leftovers or using the neglected parts of the food to make a meal. On the other hand, you can find classy meals. Where everything is decorated in a fine manner. And you won’t have an impression that you are eating from a dumpster.

Food problem

After this type of dining, people are finally becoming aware of how much food we are wasting every day. And how many people are starving in the same process. Approximately $161 billion of food are wasted every year in America. Because of this way of eating people are starting to look the other side of the medal. And how many people are eating food from real dirty and greasy dumpsters.
It bonds people
These types of events usually bond people. Since small groups are participating, they can enjoy the good as well as in each others company. In some cases, the chef of the restaurant goes out to talk to the guests and share his recipes. And guests find this fascinating.